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Friday, February 10, 2012

Nicki Minaj a sophisticated super-star of a Woman

Mrs. Minaj has definitely grown into a sophisticated super star of a woman.  She is so crazy to wear those crazy hair colors, that wild make-up, and let's not forget about that crazy over-rated rap.  Don't get it twisted, this is what we love about her, this is what makes her stand out, but her variety of style is simply beautiful.

I love to see a woman who knows how to "OWN IT," and she is rocking those words in April's 2011 issue of "Elle Magazine."  Many will be a hater, but just shake em off girl. You're very talented and many of us only dream of what you have.  Keep stunting your stuff and showing us your nature beauty ma-ma...

Wondering who does Nicki Minaj's wig?  Read below to find out.

Nicki Minaj is known for her hair-dos.

We call it Nicky's Weave-licious.  Her hair-styles are attractive, outrageous, and sometimes represent the style of a little kid. I'm curious though...Who is the stylist behind the weave-licious artist.

His name is Terrence Davidson
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Go behind the scenes with the celebrity's stylist.
Victoria Secret fashion show featured Nicki Minaj as she sung her single "Super Bass."  

Ever think of sexy, when you hear the words "Victoria Secret?"  Well, we were all drooling in front of the television on the night the 2011 Victoria Secret fashion aired.  But it wasn't just for the models in their bra and panties.  We were also screaming and pulling our hairs out for one and only Nicki Minaj.

PhotobucketWhen I saw her walk out in that pink short curly wig, with her high-tops on, in her colorful clown appearance clothing I screamed in my mind like I was a little girl.  She represented her brand, all too well.  It was even more surprising to see the model's costumes to be very similar to what Nicki Minaj was wearing  herself.  I guess for the sake of Nicki's appearance they based that part of the shows fashion around her.

Another, part of the show that seem to catch my attention was the way how she was staring at those girls.  We know Nicki has several different personalities, but she was checking those models out like she was the dude in the mall or something.  I just could not get over that little look of hers.  Overall, the show was fabulous, but Nicki Minaj was my favorite model from the show.

One last interest in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, I took a liking to was her live performance.  Nicki Minaj can really sing and sometimes when we hear one of her singles on the radio, we may think it been fine tuned.  But the slowing of the Super Bass beat and then going into the single "It Takes Two," was way above what I was expecting from her performance.  The models even looked like they were having just as much fun as Nicki too.
Watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show Performance
Other stars among the crowd and performing was Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Adam Levine of Maroon 5.
Nicki Minaj shown here at the 2012 Carolina Herrera Fashion Show.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
To view more of her photos visit: Celebrity-Gossip

Did you miss Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Cee Lo Green performing on the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show?

Photo Credit: The Real Steve Gray

Nicki Minaj didn't get much television time, but the overall performance was great.  Minaj wore a white wig, red lip stick, and a cheerleader outfit.  Watch the entire 12 minutes below.  Even if you are not a Madonna fan, you will still enjoy the show.

Read more on Nicki Minaj's performance at the 2012 Super Bowl
Picture Credit: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Cee Lo Performing at the 2012 Super Bowl Show
Dress Like a Barbie for a day
Nicki Minaj has all her fans animated about her sense of style.  Her wigs, pink lipstick, and clothing all make her who she is.  She calls her fans Barbz and Kens and for those of you who want the fashion similar to Nicki's, you should start here.

As Tyra Banks says, you should model from "H to T."  Meaning you should look fabulous from your head down to your feet.  

Nicki's Wigs:
We don't have a Terrence Davidson hiding out in our bathroom, but we certainly can get a wig(s) to dress the part as Nicki.  Her most popular wig colors seem to be pink, blonde, and white.  She also loves them short and to the shoulder.  Check out a couple of wigs below, that we pulled from Nicki Minaj's collection. 

There are several YouTube videos, that offer advice on how to dress the part as Nicki Minaj.  YouTube offers tutorials or step by step guides on how to apply  make-up that's similar to Nicki's too.  One thing a girl's gotta have in order to fully dress the part is pink lipstick.  As she stated in an interview, before "I don't know where I would be without my pink lipstick." 

Dressing up as the superstar is not hard.  It actually only requires very little from yourself.  For example, Nicki wears finger nail polish, but it does not have to be a unique color.  You can find the colors she wears in your local fashion store. This is one part of her style of fashion that is very simple to do. 

Pink Friday gives you a few quick tips to dress like the Super-star
Check out a couple of Nicki Minaj's  finger nail polish photos.

 The star looks a lot like Lady Gaga. 
-White/Blonde wig
-Pink lipstick
-Pink nail polish

Nicki Minaj

Although these are fake nails,
check out the nail polish and style of them.
I love the orange hair.

Her nail polish is simply in this photo.
-Black and clean cut.
-She is rocking the orange hair.
-Of course she has on the pink lipstick.

Nicki Minaj has a nail polish collection called OPI Nail Lacquer.
Some of the polish names include:
-Super Bass Shatter 
-Metallic 4 Life 
-Pink Friday
 Her nail polish is available at
My Pink Friday introduces Nicki Minaj's nail polish collection 

It's Barbie B*itch
Mattel is a barbie doll company.  When I was a little girl my grandmother always bought the barbie doll dressed in the beautiful princess dress.    But in this day and age, a barbie doll can be anything you want, she can even be a real life, real size human being.  

Nicki refers to her male and female audiences as "Barbz and Kens."  The traditional looking Ken doll doesn't represent Nicki's Ken or Barbz. Rather they are dress in pink wigs, different crazy colors blended together, and a personality like the lovely Nicki Minaj.  

In 2011 mattel released a Nicki Minaj barbie doll.  The bad news is it won't be available in stores, but on the other end the barbie doll was sold for a charity event.   Read more at to get Nicki's reaction and read how the ideal became a reality.

Learn more on Nicki's star to stardom.

Read more about her hairstylist

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